Hokkaido Guided Tours with Local Guides

See our comprehensive range of unique and exciting Hokkaido guided tours. Our team of local outdoor experts add an extra personal touch with their extensive knowledge of the area, flora and fauna of Hokkaido. Join us on our next adventure and discover Japan's wild backyard.

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Why join one of our Hokkaido guided tours?

Safety First

We have carefully chosen a series of hiking trails on which you can experience the untouched nature of Hokkaido without straying too far from villages and towns. This is for your safety, in case we need to respond to an emergency situation that may occur during our activities while out in the outdoor environment.

Vehicle Support

We will provide a vehicle to support cyclists and carry water, snacks and any other items needed for cycling. If you need to stop cycling at any point during the day, you are welcome to take a rest in the support vehicle. Please be aware that the number of seats may be limited depending on the number of people and the vehicle we use.

Local Guides

Our guides are passionate travellers and adventurers themselves and spend their free time exploring Hokkaido’s great outdoors all year around. Feel free to make use of their knowledge and experience by asking questions! They are also certified advanced first-aiders and trained to take care of bike mechanics on tours.


In case of heavy rain, strong winds or other unsuitable weather conditions for hiking or cycling, there may be times when we have to change our tour plan. In such cases, we will try to substitute the original activity with other alternatives such as sightseeing, visiting museums or hot springs. We take charge of turning a bad day around to a fun day!

Learning Together

We take pride in being able to offer tours led by our local guides. However, please note that English is our second language and learning and mastering any language is a lifelong process! We ask for your patience at times we may ask you to speak a little more slowly. We take great pleasure in sharing our knowledge and learning something new together.

Small Group

We find value in maintaining friendly, small-group settings. That’s why we cap the maximum group size at 10 people on our scheduled tours. This allows us to reduce the social and environmental impacts of our travels, as well provide us with the flexibility to use smaller facilities, which often give us more interesting insights and unique experiences.
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