Hokkaido Cycling Tours

Hokkaido bike tours with local guides
Mt. Yotei, Fuji of the north, is an ever present feature on the ride

What better way to discover Hokkaido’s stunning landscapes and local hospitality than by bike? Our original Hokkaido cycling tours are suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Along every trail, there are opportunities to stop and take in uninterrupted views, explore remote towns and iconic landmarks and to experience real Japanese culture as we go.

All our cycling tours are fully guided in English and include bikes and all the safety gear you need, as well as a support vehicle that has your back whenever you need a break.

Our Hokkaido Cycling Tours

Why cycle in Hokkaido?

Roads and drivers

Hokkaido has been a popular destination for bike touring with Japanese cyclists for many years. One of the main reasons for this is that our roads all have wide shoulders to accommodate the snow in winter and this conveniently makes for spacious road cycling in summer. Another reason to love cycling in Hokkaido is the Japanese drivers, who are known for being polite and courteous to cyclists.

Stunning scenery 

Volcanoes, forests, rivers, lakes and ocean - Hokkaido has it all! Due to a lower population density than the rest of Japan, Hokkaido is blessed with wide open spaces and untouched roadside nature, the stuff of cyclist's dreams. The scenery you'll ride through here is different to the cityscapes of Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto. It’s a side to Japan that many visitors don't see.


There’s no better way to experience Japanese culture than bike touring with a local guide. Bathe in natural hot springs, savour the fantastic fresh seafood, local vegetables, fruit and even ice cream. And to complete your day as a Japanese adventurer, fall into a well earned sleep in futon bedding on tatami floors. It doesn’t get any more Japanese than this!

Mt. Yotei, Fuji of the north, is an ever present feature on the ride