Hokkaido Winter Tours

Experience Hokkaido's unique winter landscape with local guides
A photographer takes a photo of Stellar's Sea Eagles gathered on broken drift ice off the coast of Rausu, Shiretoko.

Every winter, plentiful snowfall transforms Hokkaido's landscape into a serene winter wonderland, the perfect stage for our winter adventure tours. While thrill-seekers ski through Hokkaido's deep snow, hikers strap on snowshoes so they can walk through the still forests and climb white peaks. Spot Red Foxes, Mountain Hares and Japanese Deer searching for food while Red-crowned Cranes, Blakiston's Fish Owls and Steller's Sea Eagles swoop down from the snowy sky. Winters in Hokkaido, while cold, are full of life and adventure. Wrap up warm and experience Hokkaido's most unique season on a Hokkaido winter tour.

Our Hokkaido Winter Tours

Shikotsu–Toya 6 Day Winter Hiking Tour

The steaming fumaroles in Noboribetsu Hell Valley in winter.

Explore a land of ice and fire as we make our way through the snow-capped volcanoes of Shikotsu–Toya National Park. As well as the spectacular views, you can enjoy learning all about the indigenous Ainu and Hokkaido’s fascinating wildlife.


Hike or snowshoe 28km on easy trails.


Hokkaido Winter Wildlife 8 Day Photography Tour

A man at dawn on a midwinter morning points a zoom lens towards three red-crowned cranes flying in the distance. He is standing on a bridge over an icy river.

Join us for a photography adventure around East Hokkaido. With your camera in hand, you’ll capture incredible shots of Red-crowned Cranes, Steller’s Sea Eagles and other charming creatures emblematic of Hokkaido’s magical winter.

Relaxed & Social

Japan's Far East 7 Day Wild Winter Tour - February Special

Stellar's Sea Eagle soaring over the drift ice

Hop between ice floes, snowshoe along the rims of caldera lakes and warm yourself in hot springs along Japan’s wild eastern frontier. Not to mention the fantastic wildlife experiences that await you on this winter adventure!

Easy Active

Mix of activities and sightseeing with up to 2 hours walking in a day.


What makes Hokkaido’s winter special?  

The Snow

Every winter, cold winds from Siberia pick up moisture as they cross the Sea of Japan before dropping it as snow on Hokkaido. The snow falls as big, light snowflakes, the kind you see in the movies, blanketing the landscape in white. With the thick bush buried, we are free to explore the forests and mountains, with access to areas that may be more challenging or even completely out of our reach in summer. Hike in the snow, and you will feel like you are in a private snow globe; the sense of stillness and solitude is hard to describe without experiencing it for yourself.

The Wildlife

While Brown Bears are tucked away in hibernation, many other animals are active throughout winter. Mountain Hares, Red Foxes and Japanese Deer leave a network of footprints behind as they search for food. Red-crowned Cranes perform mating dances in the fields, and giant Steller's Sea Eagles arrive from Siberia. Seeing the animals against a stark white background is a striking winter image.

Hot Springs & Warm Welcomes

It may be cold outside but step into one of Hokkaido's many cosy restaurants or lodges, and you are greeted with a warm local welcome. Tuck into a bowl of world-famous Hokkaido ramen or a local hot pot. Later, slip into a steaming hot spring to warm up your body and soothe your tired muscles. For a truly unique winter experience, brave the dash through the snow to the “rotenburo” outdoor pool.

A photographer takes a photo of Stellar's Sea Eagles gathered on broken drift ice off the coast of Rausu, Shiretoko.