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Konnichiwa and welcome to Adventure Hokkaido. We are an adventure tour company specialising in small group hiking, cycling and nature tours to Hokkaido's National Parks such as Daisetsuzan, Shikotsu-Toya, Akan-Mashu-Kussharo, Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu, Shiretoko, and Kushiro Shitsugen.

We are all proud locals and live here year round. We are 100% Japanese owned and operated, when you explore Hokkaido with us you're travelling to the places we grew up in and to where our love of the outdoors was born. We want to share the untouched natural beauty of our homeland and introduce you to our culture and local community through our unique adventure tours.

Our tours are put together by our team of local hiking, cycling and nature guides with over 10 years experience. We look forward to meeting you, sharing our home and making your next trip to Hokkaido unforgettable!

Our current situation with COVID-19

A note to our guests regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019) in Japan.
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Why book your Hokkaido Adventure travel with us?

Local Guides

Our guides are Hokkaido locals and our founders were born and raised here too. We've been exploring Hokkaido since we were kids and now we want to share our favourite places and experiences with you, our guests.

Proudly Hokkaido Owned

We are 100% locally owned and only run tours right here in Hokkaido. We’re not a travel agent, selling someone else’s tours, we create and operate all our own original hiking, cycling and nature tours.

Real Japan

Just like where you grew up, there are places and people here in Hokkaido that only the locals know about. This is what we love most of all about what we do, sharing experiences with our guests that aren’t in the guidebooks.

Hokkaido Adventure Travel Blog & Galleries

What is Hokkaido Domin Wari(どうみん割)?

As part of the Hokkaido prefectural government’s efforts to re-start tourism, all Hokkaido residents including foreign nationals can receive a travel discount through the new Hokkaido Domin Wari discount scheme, which will save you up to ¥5,000 yen per person on our small group guided tours until January 2021. See more about which tours you […]

Is it safe to drink the water in the Hokkaido outdoors?

One of the most important questions about the outdoors in Hokkaido is if the stream water is safe for drinking? Here’s our article about how to keep safe on your outdoor adventure in Hokkaido.

Nakadake Onsen Hiking – August 2020

This is one of our favourite local walks! Adventure Hokkaido guided a small group into Nakadake Onsen, the outdoor natural hot spring nestled in the Daisetsuzan mountains. Although it was a particularly hot day (it went over 34 degrees Celsius in Asahikawa), the air in the mountain was very refreshing.