Hokkaido Winter Nature and Snowshoeing Tours

Every winter, plentiful snowfall transforms Hokkaido's landscape into a serene winter wonderland, the perfect stage for our winter adventure tours. While thrill-seekers ski through Hokkaido's deep snow, hikers strap on snowshoes so they can walk through the still forests and climb the white peaks. Spot Red Fox, Mountain Hares and Japanese Deer searching for food while Red-crowned Cranes, Blakiston's Fish Owls and Stellar's Sea Eagles swoop down from the snowy sky. Winters in Hokkaido, while cold, are full of life and adventure. Wrap up warm and experience Hokkaido's most unique season on a Hokkaido winter tour.

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All our tours are guided by licenced English speaking local guides and have a maximum group size of ten travellers.
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What makes Hokkaido special in winter?

Snowy mountains

The Snow

Every winter cold winds from Siberia pick up moisture as they cross the Sea of Japan before dropping it as snow on Hokkaido. The snow falls as big light snowflakes, the kind you see in the movies, blanketing the landscape in white. With the thick bush buried, we are free to explore the forests and mountains. Hike in the snow, and you feel like you are in a private snow globe; the sense of stillness and solitude is hard to describe.

An Ezo Red Fox

The Wildlife

While the Brown Bears are tucked away asleep, many other animals are active throughout winter. Mountain Hares, Red Fox and Japanese Deer leave a network of footprints behind as they search for food. Red-crowned Cranes perform mating dances in the fields, and giant Stellar's Sea Eagles arrive from Siberia. Seeing the animals against a blank white background is a striking winter image.

A steaming Onsen hot-spring pool

Hot-springs & warm welcomes

It may be cold outside but step into one of Hokkaido's many cosy restaurants or lodges, and you are greeted with a warm local welcome. Tuck into a bowl of world-famous Hokkaido ramen or a local hot pot. Later, strip off and slip into a steaming hot-spring pool to rewarm your body and soothe your tired muscles. For a truly unique winter experience, brave the dash through the snow to the rotenburo outdoor pool.

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