Adventure Hokkaido Tour Booking Terms & Conditions

If we are unable to operate a tour due to any Covid-19 restrictions in Japan, you can transfer your booking to another date or receive a full refund.
For any non Covid-19 related changes or cancellations, our normal terms and conditions will apply.


Please ensure to read the full version of the Terms and Conditions, which are available in printable PDF format, before you proceed with the booking.
We have four sets of Terms and Conditions as below, established for different types of Tours and Services we operate:

Scheduled Tour
Self-Guided Tour
Custom Tour
Travel Consulting

Here are some quick facts that you may want to take a look at.


For booking a tour with a specific date already scheduled in on our website (we call it “Scheduled Tour”), please select the date you would like to join and proceed to the Registration Form. We ask for your contact details and personal information, in order for us to adequately organise and arrange the tour service.

The Registration Form is an online form where you fill in those details and submit, which then takes you to the Shopping Cart to review your booking, and finally onto the Check Out page to make the payment (Deposit/Full) to secure the booking.

For booking a Custom Tour and Self-Guided Tour, please make an enquiry with us first, using the Forms provided on the Custom Tour page or on the Contact Us page, or simply email or call us. Once your travel plan is set, we will guide you through all the necessary steps, which are very similar to the process described above, to submit your personal information and payment for the tour.


We require the following Deposit or Full Payment to secure your booking:

  • For 1 Day and 2 Day tours, we require a Full Payment
  • For the rest of Overnight tours in duration of more than 3 Days, we require a deposit of 50,000 yen

The Deposit is treated as a part of the Tour Price. Payment of the balance will be reminded by email, which is generally 30 days prior to the the tour departure date. We accept payment by credit card, only in our local currency, Japanese Yen. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, we will give you our bank details and the amount of bank fees that should be added to the Tour Price.

Tour Price

  • Our tour prices are quoted in Japanese Yen.
  • Japan Consumption Tax of 10% is included in tour costs.
  • For 1-day tours, the tour prices are quoted for groups of more than 2 people. To guarantee the tour’s departure with just 1 person, we require a “Single Price” specified on each tour page.
  • For longer tours that require accommodation bookings, tour prices are quoted on twin share basis. To guarantee a single room, we require a “Single Price”, which is specified on each tour page (except some locations such as mountain huts and shelters where it is not possible to arrange a single room.)
  • In case that a single person signs up and is willing to share a room with another traveller of the same group, we will try to allocate their room with a person of the same gender. When it is not possible to find a roommate, we will arrange a single room without receiving “Single Price”.
  • We reserve the right to alter tour prices when the cost of ground services are increased considerably beyond our expectation and control.

Cancellation Policy

For more details on our policies for cancellation and amendment of bookings, please be sure to read the full version of our Terms and Conditions. In addition to the following Cancellation Fees payable to us, you are required to pay any cancellation fee and penalty charge that must be paid to the service provider, such as accommodation and transportation.

  • Cancelled more than 21 days prior to departure: Zero fees
  • Cancelled between 20 days and 8 days prior to departure: 20% of the Tour Price
  • Cancelled between 7 days and 2 days prior to departure: 30% of the Tour Price
  • Cancelled 1 day prior to departure: 40% of the Tour Price
  • Cancelled on the day of departure: 50% of the Tour Price
  • No refunds will be given after the tour has commenced

Our Scheduled Tour has a Minimum Number of travellers required for us to guarantee the departure of the tour. The Minimum Number is specified on each tour page. If the number of travellers has not reached the Minimum number at 30 days prior to departure, we will notify you of the cancellation and refund the amount that you have paid us. However, we will not be liable to compensate for any inconvenience or incidental expenses that might have incurred to you, including airline tickets.

Travel Insurance

Having a valid Travel Insurance for the kind of activities you are undertaking during our tour is a compulsory condition to join our tours. We strongly recommend that you have insurance covering cancellations, loss of personal belongings, and any unforeseen circumstances while you are in Japan.

Health, Fitness and Behaviour

Payment of the deposit or of the full tour price acts as a warranty that the traveller has the health and fitness conditions to participate in the tour, and that the traveller indemnifies our Company from all actions, claims and demands arising out of any want of health and fitness. We reserve the right to decline a booking and/or remove a traveller from a tour if their health, fitness or behavior interferes with the tour or other travellers tour experience in any way.
If you have a medical, physical or mental condition, you must disclose this to us by providing accurate information on the Registration Form upon booking. You are obliged to do so where a medical condition changes after your booking and before the date of departure.

Itinerary and Activity Changes

In order for us to assure the safety of travellers and our guides, we reserve the right to:

  • Cancel, modify, substitute any hiking/cycling route set out in the itinerary, in case of adverse weather, or any other hazardous conditions.
  • Change the date of the commencement and/or conclusion of the tour ( this is likely to happen when natural disasters of large scale occur in the area of our activity.)

Use of Imagery

We reserve the right to use photographs or videos taken during our tours for promotional purposes. If you have any inconvenience or problem with us using your image, please let us know at the time of booking, by leaving a comment.


Our tours comprise of booking and packaging of goods and services provided by other operators such as accommodation, attraction, activity providers and transportation companies. Operational control of these services are the responsibility of the third party. Your right of action in regards to any shortcoming of that third party’s performance is against the third party, and not against Adventure Hokkaido.

Assumption of Risk and Safety Declaration

Travellers are advised that all activities are undertaken entirely at their own risk and they must behave in a fit and proper manner at all times in accordance with Adventure Hokkaido’s guidelines. All adventure tours and outdoor activities carry inherent risks and Adventure Hokkaido nor its partners do not assume any responsibility for accidents that are caused by its customers or caused by factors outside of human control.

With the purchase of your trip you acknowledge that:

  • By its very nature, adventure travel, hiking and cycling tours are more challenging and demanding with a significantly higher level of risk, and involve potential exposure to injury and possibly death.
  • Additional dangers and risks associated with adventure travel may include difficult and dangerous terrain; high altitude; extremes of weather, including sudden and unexpected changes; political instability; remoteness from normal medical services and from communications; and evacuation difficulties in the event of illness or injury.
  • You must follow our guide’s instructions and use any safety equipment provided at all times. For the above reasons you accept the inherent and increased dangers and risks associated with the proposed adventure and the accompanying risk of injury, death or property damage or loss.

Release and Waiver of Liability

In consideration of Adventure Hokkaido, LLC. accepting your booking and in consideration of you being permitted by Adventure Hokkaido, LLC. to join the tour to the extent permitted by law, you:

    Waive any and all claims you may have now and in the future, and release from all liability and agree not to sue or seek any compensation from Adventure Hokkaido, LLC., its officers, employees, agents, guides, and other representatives for any personal injury, property damage, wrongful death, or loss sustained by you as a result of your participation in the tour due to any cause whatsoever, including without limitation, negligence on the part of Adventure Hokkaido, LLC., its staff, tour partners, or other participants, or death or injury as a result of natural disaster, war, civil unrest or epidemic. Furthermore, Adventure Hokkaido, LLC. cannot be held liable by freelance guides for damage or injury to the guide, or damage or injury inflicted by the guide on third parties in any way. By accepting freelance tour assignments, guides automatically waive Adventure Hokkaido, LLC. from any liability.

Company Profile

Corporate name : Adventure Hokkaido, LLC
Corporate number: 3450003001889
Address of Head Office: West 4, North 46, Higashikawa, Kamikawa, Hokkaido, Japan
Telephone number: (+81)-50-5534-9420 (Monday to Friday, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm)

Licensed by the Japan Tourism Agency
in accordance with the provisions of the Travel Agency Law

Scope of Activities: Domestic Travel
Licence Number: No. 2-789
Licensed Branch: Head Office
Date of License: 24 Jan 2020
Term of Validity: from 24 Jan 2020 to 23 Jan 2025
Domestic Travel Services Manager: YOSHIKAWA Ayaka