Hokkaido Self Guided Tours

Your adventure. Your way. Experience the best of Hokkaido at your own pace with the help of our local knowledge. Whether you prefer to travel in small private groups at your own pace, keep the group just to your family, or even a honeymoon, let us take the load off your shoulders and help plan your self-guided outdoor adventure through Hokkaido.

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At Adventure Hokkaido, we encourage and fully support independent, responsible travel. Our sample self-guided tour is created based on an itinerary making full use of the public transportation available, courtesy shuttles provided by the accommodation and the occasional taxi. By travelling this way, together we can make an effort to keep travel impact at a minimum while giving you opportunities to have a glimpse of local life. Getting around a country where you don't speak the language may sound daunting to some, but trust us, it's not as hard as it looks and we're here if you need help!


Prior to your arrival in Japan, we will provide you with a digital tour information pack to assist you in travelling with confidence without a guide.
Your tour information pack includes;
  • Confirmed itinerary
  • Accommodation list, with Google Map links
  • GPS data for the suggested hiking routes
  • Detailed transportation information
We recommend the purchase of a Japan Travel SIM Card so that you can easily navigate yourself using your phone. All the information you need is provided in a paperless format by us. When you need our assistance during your travels, support is just a phone call away.


Our sample self-guided tour package does not include any pre-booked transportation tickets or activity bookings. This is done intentionally, in order to allow some freedom and flexibility in your independent adventure holiday. We include a transportation schedule and suggest some activities that we think best suit the itinerary. However, you may decide to change some of our suggested travel plans, according to the conditions of the day. The only thing that is fixed and cannot be changed at the last minute, is the accommodation bookings. Feel free to request us to include any transportation, rental car, and activity in the package to tailor to your needs.
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