On September 3rd, 2021,

Meet Ayaka from Adventure Hokkaido

Meet Ayaka Yoshikawa, owner and co-founder of Adventure Hokkaido. Ayaka tells us a little bit about herself and why she started running adventure tours here in Hokkaido.


Video transcript:

Konnichiwa, Hello, I’m Ayaka.

I’m the owner and one of the founders of Adventure Hokkaido. Hokkaido is my home, I grew up here and it is where my love of the outdoors was born.

Hokkaido is filled with lots of adventure opportunities. I feel very proud to be able to share the beautiful nature and rich wildlife of Hokkaido, this wonderful place where we live.

I started Adventure Hokkaido because I’d like to help overseas visitors discover the beauty of our outdoors, the local people and our culture. I’d like to see them enjoy travelling here, exploring our outdoors just like us locals do.

I’d love to see you up here in Hokkaido soon and experiencing it more with Adventure Hokkaido.

Adventure Hokkaido Guide Ayaka
Meet Ayaka from Adventure Hokkaido
I grew up right here in Hokkaido and spent my childhood exploring Japan’s great wilderness frontier. Now I’m proudly sharing the best of Hokkaido with visitors on our small group hiking, cycling & nature tours.