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Adventure Hokkaido was started by a group of local outdoor guides, led by Ayaka Yoshikawa & Kazu Arai. Both Ayaka and Kazu spent several years in New Zealand working, studying and of course travelling and exploring the outdoors. After returning home to Hokkaido, their dream was to create memorable outdoor adventures for visitors to Hokkaido and to help travellers enjoy the best hiking, cycling, nature and snow activities Japan’s “North Island” has to offer.

Ayaka leads a team of passionate local guides, who live and breathe the Hokkaido outdoors, this is where they grew up and their love of the outdoors was born.

We offer small group, guided hiking, cycling and nature tours from 1 - 15 days, so there’s something for all adventurers. Our tours are also fully customizable for small groups of friends or family, if there’s something you’ve been dreaming about doing in the Hokkaido outdoors then we’d love to help make it happen. We take pride in designing unique itineraries based on the experience of our expert guides, all proud Hokkaido locals.

Our tours are packed with authentic, off the beaten track experiences, locations and people, the kind of magical moments most visitors to Hokkaido will never experience.

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Our Values

Innovative Adventurers

Our team is made up of super experienced adventure tourism and outdoor education pros. Drawing from their backgrounds in conservation, education, outdoor safety and mountaineering our guides love putting their minds together to create unique outdoor adventures for our guests.

We hold a Class 2 Travel Agent Licence issued by the Hokkaido Government. This means we’re licensed to package and operate tours in a safe and sustainable way and our guides are certified. We are also a registered member of the Japan Alliance of Responsible Travel Agencies.

Adventure for Everyone

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing lakeside stroll or a challenging hike along rugged mountain trails, Hokkaido has something for everyone. The word “adventure” is often associated with high adrenaline activities. However, we also value cultural encounters as another kind of adventure, which everyone can enjoy regardless of their age and fitness level. What makes Hokkaido unique is the culture shaped by the Ainu, its colonial history, and our distinctive geological features. Our itineraries are carefully crafted for you to see of our way of life and what really makes Hokkaido unique from any other part of Japan.

100% Made in Hokkaido

All of our team are 100% raised in Hokkaido, we are as local as you can get! We believe that on our tours, guests will go beyond what has been written about Hokkaido in any travel guidebook. Over the years, our guides have made lasting connections with people all over Hokkaido, so don’t be surprised when you are treated like family! Not only are the guides “made” in Hokkaido, our itineraries are also crafted locally too, we are based in the town of Higashikawa which is located in the heart of the island. We’ve knuckled down and put our heads together to create unique and exciting tours that will bring the best of Hokkaido to your next trip. Our itineraries are all unique to Adventure Hokkaido and are the product of our own passion for our homeland. As creators and adventurers ourselves, we can’t help but get excited ourselves when we plan trips. Come and see for yourself!

Community Care

Hokkaido is our home, it is irreplaceable. We are increasingly seeing the impact, both positive and negative, of ever-growing tourism in Hokkaido. We are all passionate about sustainable tourism and are driven to create exciting tours and authentic experiences for visitors while protecting Hokkaido’s natural environment and supporting local businesses and communities at the same time. We take pride in our commitment to caring for our homeland and our local communities by:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint by travelling in groups of 10 people max
  • Supporting locally owned and operated businesses such as accommodation, restaurants and outdoor activity providers
  • Support Green Travel

    To us, Green travel means being an environmentally responsible and respectful tour operator. We run our adventure tours with a focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly operations. As a traveller, you too can make sustainable decisions and contributions to preserve Hokkaido’s natural environment, and support its local communities.

    We have called Hokkaido our home for many years and over time we have noticed the negative impacts some tourism practises have had on the region’s mountains and national parks. From eroding hiking trails and litter to run down camping facilities, these are just some of the issues Hokkaido is facing from growing tourism.

    Unfortunately, there is no system in place for hikers and tour operators to contribute financially to help solve these problems in Japan. However, at Adventure Hokkaido, it is our vision to make a direct positive contribution to the preservation of our environment through more sustainable and eco-friendly practises, including:

  • Saying no to plastic waste
  • Reducing water and energy waste where possible
  • Travelling in small groups to decrease our impact on the flora and fauna
  • Minimizing negative impact on the natural environment by carrying our own portable toilets and disposing of waste in a responsible manner
  • Supporting locally-owned and staffed businesses
  • We encourage you to join us and take a part in protecting this stunning land we call home.