Last updated September 14th 2022

What tours are Adventure Hokkaido currently operating?

We are accepting bookings for our tours under the following circumstances:

Winter 2022/2023 Summer 2023
Guided Tours Self-Guided Tours All Tours
Not a resident of Japan ⏱ Please enquire at least 3 months in advance 🤝 Only in conjunction with another travel agency booking international flights ✅ Yes
Resident of Japan ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes

Note that all travellers must meet our vaccine requirements.

There are currently no domestic travel restrictions within Japan and we are operating all of our tours for domestic travellers and Japanese residents, provided they are fully vaccinated.

We can host non-Japanese residents on our guided tours. Our guides will need to be with you for all days that you are in Japan, however you are free to travel to and from the airport without your guide, provided that you meet the guide at your first nights accommodation. Due to the visa process we ask that you enquire at least 3 months in advance.

Un-guided travel to Japan is allowed again from September 7th 2022, however you need to travel with a locally licensed tour operator who arranges your itinerary and international flights. We are unable to organise your international flights to Japan, but we can plan your trip in conjunction with another travel agency who takes care of the international flights. Again we will need at least 3 months notice to be able to plan your trip and help you through the visa process.

We hope these restrictions will be eased and that we can freely host travellers from overseas on all our tours soon.

Our Covid-19 travel guarantee

We want you to have peace of mind when booking a tour in these unsettled times. All bookings are covered by our flexible Covid-19 Travel Guarantee which includes lifetime deposits and free date changes or refunds in the event of Covid-19 enforced cancellations.

We also guarantee free date changes or refunds if Japan’s border restrictions change after you book and you are no longer able to enter the country.

Vaccination Requirements

Guests on any of our tours are required to have received at two/three doses of a Covid-19 vaccine that meets the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s requirements. We have made this decision to reduce the risks and provide peace of mind for all guests, our team and the communities we will be travelling through. For guests coming from overseas, being vaccinated also makes the immigration process significantly smoother.

At the time of booking, we ask you to show us a copy of the certificate issued in your country. Please have your certificate ready to share with us, and let us know if you have any medical reason not to receive vaccination against Covid-19.

Visa support

All non-Japan residents are currently required to apply for a visa before travel. When applying, you will be required to present an “ERFS Certificate” that confirms you are registered with the government’s “Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System”.

Once your booking is confirmed, we will register you in the system and send you the certificate. We will need your details exactly as they are shown in your passport, even a spelling error will make the certificate invalid. It is safe to send us a scan of your passport for this. The registration process will only take a few minutes once we have your details.

On Tour

Once we depart, we require guests to follow the latest Covid-19 guidelines, your guide will explain them at the time. Currently masks need to be worn while indoors and in vehicles, but you are free to remove your mask outdoors provided we maintain a suitable distance.

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