On August 17th, 2020,

What is Hokkaido Domin Wari(どうみん割)?

As part of the Hokkaido prefectural government’s efforts to re-start tourism, all Hokkaido residents including foreign nationals can receive a travel discount through the new Hokkaido Domin Wari discount scheme, which will save you up to ¥5,000 yen per person on our small group guided tours until January 2021.

See more about which tours you can use your Domin Wari discount on here.

What is the Hokkaido “Domin Wari”? 

“Domin” means the residents of Hokkaido. “Wari” means discount. It is an initiative implemented by the Prefectural Government of Hokkaido at the beginning of July 2020, in order to help local tourism recover from the impact of the novel coronavirus. “Domin Wari” is not only for Japanese citizens but can be also used by non-Japanese residents who have an address in Hokkaido – as long as you can prove it by means of drivers license or some kind of ID with your address written on it, you are entitled to “Domin Wari”. The information about “Domin Wari” may not be readily available in English language, so here is what you need to know!

How does “Domin Wari” work? 

It is a subsidised scheme. Tourism-related businesses, such as travel agencies, accommodation facilities and activity operators have applied to the Government of Hokkaido and requested a set amount of subsidy, which is effective for bookings from July 2020 to January 2021 (the service must be provided by the 31st January 2021). The Government of Hokkaido only approves tourism businesses which are implementing the “New Hokkaido Style”, the countermeasures to reduce the risk of coronavirus infections. The businesses will stop offering discounts when the amount of the given subsidy is used up. When you book a tour package, accommodation or activity for your coming trip within Hokkaido, you might as well ask if they still have “Domin Wari” discount.

How much discount can I get? 

Type of Travel Services Tour Price per person Discount
1) Overnight packages which include accommodation ¥6,000 – ¥9,999 ¥3,000
¥10,000 – ¥14,999 ¥5,000
¥15,000 – ¥19,999 ¥7,500
More than ¥20,000 ¥10,000
2) Overnight packages which include accommodation and transportation ¥10,000 – ¥14,999 ¥5,000
¥15,000 – ¥19,999 ¥7,500
More than ¥20,000 ¥10,000
3) Day tours which include transportation ¥4,000 – ¥5,999 ¥2,000
¥6,000 – ¥9,999 ¥3,000
More than ¥10,000 ¥5,000
4) Day tours which include outdoor activities  ¥4,000 – ¥5,999 ¥2,000
¥6,000 – ¥9,999 ¥3,000
More than ¥10,000 ¥5,000

What does it mean to Adventure Hokkaido guests? 

Our “Domin Wari” application to the Government of Hokkaido has been accepted and we are now able to offer ¥5,000 discount on all our 1 day guided tours, under category 4 from the table above. All the following three tours are guaranteed to depart from 1 person. Pick-up and drop-off from Asahikawa is included in the tour cost. See the tour pages for the further details.
We can operate tours on different dates from the above when our guides are available. Contact us for availability. We look forward to sharing an adventure with local travellers!

Additional note 

Please note the offer is subject to limited availability and also to any government advice on travel that may result in tours being cancelled. If the Alert Level in the location of the tour is raised to 2-2, 2-3, or 3 either by the Governor of Hokkaido or by the Central Government, we will cancel the tour and refund in full as per the guidelines established by the Government of Hokkaido.